Transfer QuickBooks to New Computer without CD. Follow these 9 steps.

Transfer QuickBooks to New Computer without CD. Follow these 9 steps.

Can you transfer QuickBooks to New Computer without CD…!

Well, if you don’t have CD then all you need to do is procure the license key and product number for installing QuickBooks on another system. Users can go to Intuit’s website and download a fresh copy of the installer by entering the product number and license key. After downloading, install the software on the system you desire. For transferring data, you can connect both the systems through a common network. Let’s explore these steps in more details.


Install the .NET Framework before beginning the installation. QuickBooks’ installer requires this framework for working properly. Without this framework installed on your system, you will most likely encounter errors.

Also, get your computer restarted and quit all instances of QuickBooks processes. This you can do that by heading over to the task manager. Select any QB process and right click on it. Then select End Process Tree. This will end all the processes related to QB.

Steps to transfer QuickBooks to New computer without CD.

  1. Download QuickBooks by clicking over the link. Enter the product number in order to get your specific version of QuickBooks.


    Its not suggested to download the program as it is as this may affect your system and may put your companies financials at risk. Tread with caution. Have a word with your proadvisor or call +1800-940-7442 to ask for help.

  2. Run the installer,
  3. Go through the terms and conditions and mark the radio button against ‘Terms and license agreement.’ and choose Next.
  4. Enter all the necessary information such as product number and license key.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Select among the following options:
    1. Express: QuickBooks will be installed with default settings. Further, previous versions of the software will be replaced by the new one. You will get a message displaying the existence of a newer version if you downloaded the installer for a previous version.
    2. Custom and Network Options: This option enables you to customize the installation settings. With this option, you can also install QB on a network or server.
  7. In case you selected Custom and Network Options then choose among the following, else proceed with the next step:
    1. Would be using QB on this system.
    2. Would be using QB on this system, but will store and share the company file over the network.
    3. Won’t be using QB on this system, but will store and share the company file over a network.
  8. Select the location at which you want to install QB by clicking on the Browse button. Select the directory in which QB is to be installed. If you don’t wish to change the directory then click on next.
  9. Click on the finish button as soon as the installation is complete.

If you face confusion over anything related to the above given steps then give us a call at +1800-940-7442

You have successfully installed QB on your system without the use of a CD. Now you need to register and activate the software to use it on this new system. Without registering QB, users won’t be able to access company files or even create them. To activate and register QB, follow the steps provided below:

  1. Open QuickBooks by double clicking on the newly created shortcut on the desktop.
  2. Select Help from the menu. If you cannot view the menu then press the ALT key to toggle it.
  3. Click On Activate
  4. Enter the license key and other necessary information.

Import QuickBooks data from one system to another without a CD.

Importing data from one system to another without a CD proposes another problem. This problem can be resolved easily via the use of LAN (Local Area network) wire or a WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network) connection. Follow the steps provided below to transfer QB data and company file from one system to another:

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  1. Right click on the folder that contains QB data and company file,
  2. Click on properties,
  3. Go to the sharing tab,
  4. Click on Advanced Sharing,
  5. Enable sharing for the folder and Click on Ok.
  6. Connect both systems through a single network. Either use a LAN wire or connect both to the same wireless connection.
  7. Go to the networks folder from Windows Explorer.
  8. A new system will be displayed on the screen. Double click on this new system.
  9. Now copy the required folders and paste them in the desired path on your new system
  10. After the files have been copied, go back to the properties of the folder on the old system. Turn off the sharing option.

You have successfully copied all the data to your new system. Now import this data into QuickBooks and you are good to go. Also, use a Wire instead of a WLAN connection if you want a faster rate of transfer. The speed at which the files transfer will depend entirely on the quality of the wire.

You may have to enable the sharing option on your new system. As soon as you open the Network folder, you can view the option that sharing isn’t enabled. Click on the alert and Enable the option for sharing. After doing this, shared data can be viewed and copied from one system to another.

Your company might be in the following two formats:

Both of these can be imported into QuickBooks. For importing your company file in QB, follow the steps provided below:

  1. Open File Menu.
  2. Click on ‘Open or Restore an Existing Company File,
  3. Click on Open Company file.

If you have a company file in .QBB format then clicks on restore a backup copy instead of Open Company file. Upon doing so, QB will automatically convert the .QBB file to .QBW file and restore the data to a new company file. We highly recommend that you save your company file on the C drive as it is more secure. Also, if you reset settings, then you won’t have to change the default company path location in QB.

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Hope you were able to transfer Quickbooks to a new computer without CD. Though we tried to answer your every issue that you may encounter during the process if you face any error then feel free to contact us. Our QB experts have all the knowledge and experience to resolve your issues. We provide round the clock assistance for all QB related issues. Feel free to contact us.

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