TurboTax Autofill not working: How to fix Autofill feature in TT?

TurboTax Autofill not working: How to fix Autofill feature in TT?

TurboTax is a highly applauded tax preparation product in Canada and across the globe. The software is integrated with strong features and tools that make the tax complexities a cake walk. “Auto-fill My Return” is an amazing feature offered to the TurboTax users since it automates your Tax filing process. But what really brings an issue is when you see a message your “TurboTax autofill not working”.

What is TurboTax Auto-Fill My Return?

Canada Revenue Service (CRS) proposes an exclusive service to the citizens of Canada known as CRA My Account. Basically, it is an online portal that comprises all your personal details in a comprehensive format that includes your Time slip copies, RRSP limits, prior year tax return amount.

The Auto-fill My Return enables the users to download the information from your CRA My Account directly into your tax return. TurboTax program shifts your financial data automatically to the right place of your return. The transferred data is the most accurate and up to date.

Entering box numbers or searching for time slips involves time and it can be a lot complicated as well. While you can download the same data securely the similar description/information right to your return. It can be done by TurboTax. Taxes just got simpler with this feature.

How Does TurboTax Auto-fill Works?

The Canada Revenue Agency stores all the tax information of the running year prior filing the tax return. Once the Time slip is issued from:

  • An employer,
  • A government agency, or
  • Any other source may be your bank or RRSP provider,

An issuing party has to send a copy to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). Further, the copies are forwarded to the respective Social Insurance Number (SIN) and are housed in CRA My Account. This is done along with the tax returns of the previous year. On the submission of the tax return, CRA compares the information that is filed to the description in your CRA My Account.

Using the Auto-fill feature you can easily import your entire info. that already exists in the CRA servers. TurboTax application shifts your company data to the right places within your return. The tax return can be filled up in just a few clicks with the authentic updated information available directly from CRA website. But you really will be in a big trouble if your if you find TurboTax autofill not working.

Benefits of Using Auto-fill within TurboTax.

  • One of the most important concern is accuracy while making your tax return. A silly mistake can lead to disastrous consequences. With the Auto-fill My Return, you can shift entire personal details to your CRA My Account directly. This can be done with 0 error. It exempts the typing of errors or irrelevant entries.
  • With the Auto-fill My Return, you save plenty of time while filing the taxes. The citizens of Canada take a long time while filing tax returns due to tasks like gathering Timeslips, amounts carried forward to calculate, find out the RRSP contribution receipts etc. With Auto-fill My Return, you get the latest info at your fingertips.
  • While preparing and filing your return, entering the information is simple with Auto-fill My Return. As the financial data is stored at right places your time is not wasted in manually entering this information. Auto-fill fills the information for you automatically.

Security used during Autofill.

Data is encrypted during autofill my return feature which brings down the chances of theft and error to nil. Not only TurboTax is a trusted program but is highly secure and can safeguard your info in a safe. It uses 128-bit encryption that is used by banks for online banking. Thus all the data entered manually or imported automatically remains fully safe.

How to fix TurboTax autofill not working issue?

Pulling data from CRA account becomes a lot easier with Autofill. Smoothly you can transfer the previous year tax data file (that is not in the PDF format) in case you are making 2016 return in TurboTax versions: Online, Deluxe, Premier, or Home & Business.

  1. Sign in to your TurboTax account.
  2. Start a new return or continue a return that you have already started
  3. Ensure you have clicked the “simple and accurate” screen prior proceeding to further step.
  4. Choose Tools from the My Account drop-down menu.
  5. Select Transfer last year’s TurboTax return from the Window in your computer.
  6. Go through the instructions displayed on the screen to transfer file successfully.

How to use W-2 snap and Auto-fill?

It is not possible to take a picture of your W-2 in TurboTax and it also restricts to upload a picture. But you can take a picture through your mobile application and then upload it to your TurboTax account. Follow the below-mentioned steps to do that:

  1. Download the mobile application on the particular device you want to use to snap the picture.
  2. Start the application, sign into it and then navigate it to the W-2 photo screen:
    • Open the side navigation bar going to the upper-left corner.
    • Click Wages & Income going to the Federal Taxes.
    • Choose the option to work on your W-2.
    • Now choose the Ok button, a pop up will now appear with the message “how would you want to enter data in W-2 screen?”.
  3. Click at Snap a photo of my W-2.
  4. Go through the instructions to configure the image. Once completely optimized, TurboTax will automatically snap on your behalf. But the picture won’t be saved on your device, or even in your TurboTax account.)
  5. Follow the instructions to upload the W-2.
  6. Once you successfully uploaded your W-2 photo click to go down and tap App Settings, then finally Sign Out.

Autofill can be a lot helpful feature if you know how to use it. Though we have tried to cover everything related to your query “TurboTax autofill not working” but if you still find yourself in a fix then talk to our TT experts at Intuit customer care. The TurboTax professionals will provide you with the latest information and resolve any problem you face. You can get in touch with them via live chat on Qbpro.ca or call at the toll-free number.

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